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Inessa Healthcare

Inessa Healthcare is a start-up healthcare company, specialising in high end Complementary Medicines which are all TGA registered, multi-ingredient, scientifically formulated products. The business was founded in April 2017 and has recently launched the following 3 products: Beauty Boost, Total Body Care and Joint Health. The Inessa brand is a premium product, representing a high level of quality and benefits, bridging the gap between medicines and cosmetics. 

Health Technology Analysts

HEALTH TECHNOLOGY ANALYSTS is operated by Alasdair Godfrey and Dr Colman Taylor, supported by Principle Scientist Dr Adele Weston and a team of expert Analysts. With an excellent track record of success in medical, market access and HEOR consulting HTAnalysts are experts at combining medical, reimbursement and commercial objectives to produce evidence based solutions that improve healthcare. 

Rulo is a web-based platform that helps researchers host and advertise their research studies in a personalised and highly-engaging context. It is a place for discovering, learning, sharing and participating in research, and is designed to be accessible for all. By and large, Rulo is creating a community around research. Today, Rulo is working with Australia’s leading clinical research organisations (CRO’s) to provide a standardised pre-screening process that meets the guidance and regulatory requirements of Australian Government agencies and regulatory bodies such as NHMRC. 

Heartbook Technology

HeartBook Technology Development CO., Ltd (HeartBook) mainly focuses on developing human health monitoring equipment and systems. Its products and services include various real-time health monitoring devices and supporting bundled software kits. HeartBook has its own manufacturer based in Taizhou, as its production development base. It has been granted a National Class II Medical Device Manufacturing & Business license by China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), and has also passed ISO 13485 as well as GMP Certifications. With its large investment in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) industry and its Global partnership, HeartBook has established a new brand named MinttiHealth, and developed and owned numerous medical devices.

Recubit is a robotic therapy aid that is empowering therapists to provide more care to their patients. It’s an intelligent smart arm, that reduces the physical burden on a therapist enabling them to focus on all parts of a patient’s limb during therapy. Our device also operates independently, moving a patients arm with no patient input, adjusting the level of assistance as a patient progresses. Unlike many other devices, the ReCubit has been designed to allow patient interaction with real world objects as well as gamified technology.

MUVi by Duplex is created by Duplex Healthcare. Duplex Healthcare has over 25 years’ experience in the supply of infection control cleaning equipment. Director of Duplex Healthcare, Murray McDonald has worked closely with over 600 Australian hospitals and over the years noticed the significant problem that human error has in contributing to hospital acquired infection rates. 

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