March 2019 – AusBiotech Australia-China BiotechInvest and Partnering Conference, Shanghai

On the 29th of March 2019, Australia China Technology Incubator P/L (ACTI) and the leading Chinese life science incubator, Joyin Innovation & Manufacturing Center (JIMC) jointly launched their China Immersion Program.

This program builds on the success of the ACTI/JIMC Bootcamp and Residency Programs and offers Australian medtech companies an intensive 3 months program in the JIMC Incubator in the ZhangJiang Innovation Park, the largest in Shanghai. The China Immersion Program cements China market linkages and tests the assumptions formed in the preceding parts of the Programs, supported by both Chinese and Australian business mentors. It provides Australian medtech companies the chance to refine a well-executable China business model, as well as the practical skills to establish a new business here and navigate the complexities of the China market.  

The 3-month Immersion Program is aimed at helping Australian medtech & biotech projects/businesses rapidly and smoothly conduct a soft-landing in China. We will provide support with polishing up of Business Plans (“BP”), clarifying market requirements, raising onshore funds, provide suitable partner and resource matching, all with the aim of assisting start-ups to complete a successful transition into the Chinese market. The course also incorporates the innovative Biodesign theory (The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies), which is the brainchild of a 16-year medical entrepreneurship of Stanford University’s Biodesign Research Center. It was first introduced to China by Chengli Song, Professor at USST, and implemented as a core curriculum by HiMed-Joyin from 2017 for our bootcamps. To date, we have successfully conducted four bootcamps. Since the launch of the inaugural edition, more than 80 entrepreneurs have successfully participated in courses, with over a third of companies reporting back that they have achieved their goals, witnessing rapid development and growth of their business after the intensive 3-month Program in China.

The China Immersion Program is the culmination of over 20 years of collective China market and life science commercialization experience from the ACTI and JIMC team, which includes market specialists, Chinese medtech enterprises and investors, together with other noted mentors from the international medical industry. The China Immersion Program incubator will provide much needed skills, knowledge and experience to Australian life science entrepreneurs through its 3-month intensive China-based residency program.

The Australia China Technology Incubator (ACTI) is an initiative jointly funded by the Australian Federal Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and Joyin Innovation & Manufacturing Center and is designed to provide medtech and broader healthcare company CEOs and senior executives the knowledge needed to develop a successful market entry strategy for China.

Joyin Innovation & Manufacturing Center (JIMC) was founded in 2008 and focuses on life science innovation and commercialization, providing support and advice to over 150 local life science entrepreneurs, across JIMC’s four incubators in Shanghai and is one of the few National government granted incubators for life sciences in Shanghai, allowing it full government support at the highest levels. In 2015, HiMed launched its life science Angel Fund in total amount of RMB 60 million.

Upcoming ACTI events: Melbourne Bootcamp

ACTI’s Melbourne bootcamp is scheduled for May 16th and is to be hosted at the FB Rice offices. Like ACTI’s previous cycle of Bootcamps in 2018, the Melbourne bootcamp will provide key skills and information critical to informing the China market entry plans and key decision making for its attendees.  

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